Which all bank offer RuPay Credit cards?

The following banks are in the process of issuing RuPay credit cards:-

  1. IDBI bank
  2. Punjab national Bank
  3. Central bank of India
  4. Andhra bank
  5. Cooperation bank
  6. Canara bank
  7. Vijaya bank
  8. Punjab and Maharashtra coop bank
  9. Union bank of India
  10. HDFC bank

How many lounge access we can get from RuPay card?

The RuPay Lounge Access Program is applicable for the RuPay Platinum Debit Card holder and you can use it to gain access:-

  1. Domestic - two visits per quarter
  2. International - two visits per year 

Can we have access to the airport lounge through the virtual RuPay card?

Currently the airport lounge access is provided to customers who have the physical card with them. The customer will need to have their RuPay Platinum or RuPay Select card.

Are there any charges to avail the RuPay Lounge access?

There is a charge of Rs.2 for Airport Lounge access for authorization of the card.

Whats are the services included in the Airport Lounge Access?

The services included in our lounge access with RuPay cards are :-

  1. Food
  2. Non-alcoholic beverages
  3. Newspapers
  4. Magazine

What to do if I am not receiving my OTP?

Request you to wait as delivery of OTP depends on signal strength of your telecom carrier in your current location. Alternatively, if you still do not receive OTP after considerable amount of time, please click on “Resend OTP” button. If you continue to face problems with the receipt of OTP (delayed/ non-receipt) please report the same to your bank immediately.

Will this OTP be valid while re-trying the transaction?

The validity of the OTP is decided by the card issuing bank and varies for different banks.

How long is the OTP valid?

The validity of the OTP is decided by the card issuing bank and varies for different banks.

What to do if my phone number is not registered with the bank?

Please get in touch with your bank for registering your mobile number. You can do so by visiting the nearest bank branch or any ATM. Do not forget to update the same every time you change your number.

What is CVD (Card Validation Data)?

It's a three digit number printed on the back of the card same as CVV as referred to by other international schemes.

Do I have to separately register for RuPay E-commerce service?

No separate registration is required for RuPay e-commerce transactions, for all transactions the cardholder needs to enter card details and OTP (one time password).

Is RuPay Card accepted internationally?

RuPay Global card with Discover, Diners & Pulse Network logos is accepted at over 39.3 million POS locations and over 1.88 million ATM locations in 185 countries/territories worldwide! You can use your RuPay Global card wherever you see these logos:

  • discover
  • discover
  • discover
  • discover
  • discover


  1. To know the ATM location globally for cash withdrawal - https://www.dinersclubcash.com/locator/search.do
  2. To see the list of ATM participants globally - https://www.dinersclubcash.com/pulse_atmLocator/dinersAtmParticipants.html

How to use your RuPay Card online?

Using RuPay Cards online can be done by entering your card details and then enter the OTP received by you.

Is RuPay Card accepted online?

RuPay Card is accepted at online sites. Please see the link (https://www.npci.org.in/rupay-live-members) for Aggregators Live.

Can RuPay Cards be used as gift cards?

Yes, you can request the bank for a RuPay pre paid Card which is pre loaded with any requested amount.

How many variants of RuPay Cards are available?

RuPay is available in Prepaid, Debit and Credit Cards. In Debit, we have Classic and Platinum Debit Cards. In Credit we have RuPay Classic, Platinum and Select Credit Cards

Who is an Acquirer Bank?

The Bank which has Acquired the transaction or the Bank whose Point of Sale (PoS) terminal has been used is the Acquirer Bank. 

Which banks issue RuPay Cards?

There are 700+ banks that issue RuPay Cards. There are more than  350 million cards issued till now.
Please click here to know more.

Who is an Issuer Bank?

Issuer is the Bank in which the cardholder has his/her account and holds RuPay Card issued by the Bank.

How to get a RuPay Card?

You may request your bank to issue you a RuPay Card. While filling the debit card request form () please ensure that you have selected “RuPay” as your preferred card scheme.