RuPay Prepaid Card

Rely on a convenient and hassle-free payment solution that was specifically made to fulfil your varied needs. Use this range of cards to gift your loved ones, or for paying employee salaries or even managing your general expenses.

The RuPay Prepaid Cards were launched in 2013 with the objective to offer a service to the unbanked audience and to act as an extension to the card market. RuPay Prepaid Cards can be issued through co-branding arrangements with banks as physical, virtual cards and mobile wallets.

Gift Card

An ideal gifting solution for everyone

  • Give the choice to your loved ones to buy a gift of their choice.
  • Pre-loaded cards accepted across Merchants outlets and online portals.
  • Seamless process of availing gift card.

Payroll Card

Manage your employee salaries in a convenient and hassle free manner

  • Perfect substitute to Cheques/Cash for making your employee salaries.
  • Payroll cards can be used not only for Cash withdrawal from ATM but also at Merchant outlets and online portals.
  • Effective way to manage employee salaries and reduce costs involved in handling cash and cheques.


Student Card

  • An easy, secure and convenient way to process scholarships and fee payments.
  • Maintains a distinct spend wallets with access to parents to monitor child’s spends.

Virtual Card

Pay Safe!

  • Create Now, Buy Now, Pay Now, Close Now.
  • Quick registration and instant access to card.

RuPay Debit Card

Carry your savings account with you anytime, anywhere with your RuPay Debit Card!

Shop, pay bills, withdraw cash and do so much more with our range of RuPay Debit Cards. Choose an easy, secure and modern way to bank.


RuPay Platinum

Celebrate the joys of life every day with your RuPay Platinum Card.

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RuPay Classic

Benefit from a comprehensive insurance cover with the RuPay Classic Card.

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RuPay PMJDY Card

Avail affordable banking services with ease with the RuPay PMJDY Card – a Government of India initiative.

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RuPay PunGrain Card

Punjab Governments Initiative towards the payment to Arthia.

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RuPay Mudra Card

A government initiative towards the beneficiaries of MUDRA Loans under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna Scheme.

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RuPay Kisan Card

Ministry of Agriculture initiative towards the credit requirements of agriculture sector.

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RuPay Credit Card - Make luxury your way of life!

“With RuPay Credit Cards, you not only enjoy the freedom of convenience and security but also get used to the privileges of a luxurious living”

RuPay Select

The card that reflects your lifestyle.

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RuPay Platinum

Enjoy cashbacks across Utility Bill Payments, Restaurants and Eateries.

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RuPay Classic

With RuPay Classic get the benefit of comprehensive insurance cover.

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RuPay Global

At RuPay we wish to empower every Indian citizen with a world class modern and safe payment solution. With that goal driving our actions, it led us to launch the RuPay Global Card

To prove our commitment and bring the best to our customers, we’ve been associated with an international partner - Discover Financial Services, since March 2012. The global alliance has led us to offer a card that is backed by state-of-the-art technology that is secure, robust, scalable, simple and cost-effective. Our initiative has opened doors and marked our entry into the Indian sector of premium cards. By way of this prestigious association, we offer our customers great value as Discover brings along a global acceptance footprint. It is a mutually beneficial agreement as Discover and Diners Card holders also enjoy the convenience of availing services of over 2 lakh ATMs that are operational under the NFS network and over 1.3 million PoS terminals across India.

In the efforts to offer continued convenience and quality customer service, we have strengthened our network capabilities by launching RuPay JCB Global Card in association with JCB International Co. Ltd. in July 2019. The RuPay JCB Global card can be used at RuPay card accepting points in India and JCB card accepting points outside India for PoS, E-Commerce and ATM. This is the first ever JCB brand card issued in India. Banks like State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Axis Bank, Union Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Andhra Bank, City Union Bank, TJSB Bank, Abhyudaya Cooperative Bank and many more banks will issue RuPay-JCB Global Cards.

We currently issue the RuPay Global Card in two exhaustive variants - RuPay Global Classic Card and RuPay Global Platinum Card. Both these variants are accepted at over 42.4 million POS locations and over 1.90 million ATM locations in 185 countries and territories worldwide with help our esteemed partners Discover, Diners Club, JCB International and Pulse.

Please move your mouse pointer on your travel region. You can use your RuPay Global card wherever you see the logos that appear:

Latin America North Americs Ema Apac

The growing usage of smartphones and internet has led to the payments industry in India undergoing and experiencing a sharp surge in QR Code-based payment solutions. Banks and third-party technology providers have started providing their own variants of mobile wallets that users can download and use through their smartphones to make as well as receive payments.

This QR Code-based interface has initiated a new way for merchants and customers to exchange funds using mobile phones, making it a preferred channel to expedite and grow electronic payments. Merchants have used it to accept digital payments, as not all have the resources to mandate payments through POS card swipe EDC terminals.

In an attempt to encourage more and more people to use less cash and make digital payments instead, the RBI authorized a few card payment networks to implement an interoperable solution for such QR Code operated mechanisms. As a result, Visa, MasterCard and NPCI partnered to launch Bharat QR – a QR Code-based digital payment mechanism that merchant establishments, eCommerce and mCommerce websites are already using.

RuPay Contactless


Objectives of RuPay Contactless

The contactless payments landscape is in its nascence in India. NPCI could sense a huge undercurrent of excitement for contactless solutions especially in areas such as low value payments, hence, took appropriate steps. The objective of RuPay Contactless specification is the first of its kind in the country on many counts.

  1. To provide a mechanism for including Low Value Payments (LVPs) within the gambit of electronic payments.
  2. To deliver a product that addresses the concerns of Indian customers taking into consideration the Indian Banks & Merchants.
  3. To motivate Indian customers to switch from cash to electronic payments.

RuPay Contactless Use Cases

RuPay Contactless offers the unique proposition of One Card for all Payments. This card can be used for transit payments (Bus, Metro, Cab etc.), toll, parking, small value offline retail payments as well as normal day to day retail payments.

Key features are as mentioned below:

Key Functionalities/Particulars

RuPay Contactless Proposition

Transaction Type

Supports online (contact & contactless) & off-line (contactless) transactions

Provision for multiple service areas

Multiple service areas (optional to use with mutual concurrence) to support acquirer/operator specific programs e.g. Passes/Season Tickets/Smart City Specific application/ Loyalty points etc.

Card usage

Same card to be used at ATMs, Merchant establishments & online (e-commerce) payments in addition to other areas of contactless payments viz., Toll, parking & other small value merchant payments.

Card issuance

  • Can be issued by any member authorized by RBI

  • On the platform of Debit/Prepaid/Credit Cards as per the option of issuing entity

Information storage

Requisite information required by acquirer/operators & Banks can be stored on the card or the back-end as per the preference and mutual concurrence of participating entities.

Multilevel Wallets

Provision of 2 types of wallets to store balance on card – Issuer controlled Global Wallet and operator/acquirer controlled local balance.

up the stored value

Provision of Topping up the stored value through any mode of payment viz., Online using card, Internet Banking, IVR, ATM, Cash at customer service point at the option of the issuing entity.

Offline Transaction Risk

Since the offline transaction is permitted against available balance, there is minimal risk of any loss either to the bank or the merchant.


Underlying technology i.e. EMV is best available globally and has been adopted to safeguard against frauds.

Cost of providing contactless card to the customer

RBI has mandated that effective Feb 01, 2016, all cards issued by banks in India would be EMV. Therefore, cost of providing contactless card to the customer will be only marginal as against steep increase in territories where mag-stripe ecosystem exists.

Synergy with existing technology

RuPay Contactless specifications can co-exist with the existing technology being used by acquirer/operator and migration to common standards may be achieved gradually to suit the convenience of PTO.

RuPay Contactless as NCMC specifications

NPCI is working with Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India for implementation of National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) program across the country with the vision of ‘One Card for all Payments (Transit as well as Retail)’. This program envisages the development of a cashless fare payment mechanism, which will work across all the public transport systems in the country such as metros, buses, cabs etc.; leading to establishment of an Interoperable Fare Management System (IFMS).

This would provide seamless connectivity to passengers across all transit systems in the country bringing convenience and ease of payment for them. Moreover, this card can be used for day to day retail payments as well. This will also lead to huge economies of scale for the Acquirer/Operators due to removal of duplicity of efforts as well as standardization across issuance, acceptance, networking interfaces, clearing, settlement and dispute management systems.

RuPay Contactless specification creates the synergy with the vision of MoUD and offers the solution for NCMC program.

RuPay Select

Welcome to a world of experiences where we put you above everyone else. The finest selection of benefits and privileges that cater to your discerning taste and desire for fine living.

Curated to elevate your mind, body and soul, the RuPay Select Debit Card ensures you are always taken care of with the best offers across wellness, rejuvenation, personal care, nutrition, and fitness.

Because at RuPay, we understand what it takes to stay ahead, and ensure you always select you first.

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